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To Sell

ShamsShop.com is a classified website that showcases wide range of products that fit all ages and different needs.

It's very easy to sell online.

If you've got something that has just been collecting dust, you can make some quick money by posting it on ShamsShop.com. Reach a larger market and have a better chance of getting it in front of someone who is looking to purchase it. So get started today, take picture of your product and start posting its ad here at ShamsShop.com.

ShamsShop strives to provide visitors with discounts, promotions, and hot deals.

ShamsShop is not displaying just business opportunities but also serving individuals. It is based on Open-Day concept, most of us has stuff in our houses that we bought but didn't use or used but in good conditions and don't need any more. Let's put our stuff in one place ShamsShop.com to turn them into quick money.

Sign-up now! Reach consumers that are looking for your -need it no more items-, sign up, add your ads, and they will go live in minutes!

  • ShamsShop.com enables brands to effectively communicate with customers who are continuously seeking local promotions and deals.
  • Add your products and services ads to ShamsShop, to instantly reach thousands of people who are actively searching for local deals, promotions, and new arrivals.
  • Reach customers that are trying to reach you, hundreds of people use ShamsShop to find local great deals for used items and new arrivals. They use the website to help them decide where and what to buy.

Check Why Buy from Us to know why visitors prefer us. It's easy to use, effective and really cool compared to other advertising media and the good news is; it is much more cost effective. Create an account to try it yourself.

Ad Pricing

Regular Ad: 1 KD
The ad would be posted on the website inside pages. The ad will be displayed under its category and will be displayed in the search result.
Featured Ad - Main Page Random Products: 2 KD
The ad would be posted as a random product at the middle of the Main Page; the ad will get the functionality of the Regular ad plus the Main Page Random Display featured exposure.
Featured Ad - Clearance Page: 3 KD
The ad would be posted on the Clearance Page, get the functionality of the regular ad plus the Featured Exposure. The clearance page is the destination of customers who are willing to buy now so they visit it to check the best offers and deals they can get from the website.
Featured Ad - Side Bar Random Highlighted Products: 4 KD.
The ad would be posted on random products at the Side Bar to get the functionality of the regular ad plus the Side Bar Random Display featured exposure. The Side Bar is consistent on the whole website so whenever the visitors browse the website, your ad will always have a chance of being viewed.
Featured Ad - Main Page Slider Highlights: 5 KD.
The ad would be posted on the Main Page Slider to get the functionality of the regular ad plus the Main Page Slider Custom Design and Hot Featured Exposure. The main page is the first page visitors view, your ad will have the best chance of being viewed before others, and it will be always easy to return to.
Super Featured Ad: Points as you go = KD as you go.
The ad would use combined features, for example it will be placed as Regular ad besides; Main Page Slider, Side Bar Random Highlights, Clearance Page, and Main Page Random Products, that will make maximum cost 11 KD to get the Super Featured Exposure.

Posting Highlights:
- 30 days online exposure for each ad, starting from the date of posting activation.
- Posting credits are valid for one year.
- On the ad posting page, if you will not choose any feature, your ad will cost 1 KD, and when you add features, the requested featured price will be calculated for you, so you will decide which feature is appropriate for your ad and for your advertising budget, and by clicking the add button.
- After placing your ad, it will be marked for our technical staff review, this process usually takes not more than 1 day to be published.
- In your account control panel, you can add or manage your ads and track your orders.

ShamsShop.com makes selling items easier, in just few minutes your ad is life.